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Are you easy for nearby customers to find?

Did you know that as soon as an Internet user searches for a nearby business, product or even service, Google displays the first three search results in Google Maps?

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Are you quickly found by customers looking for your products and/or services in your area? Without good local SEO you'll be invisible, but your competitors probably won't!

Appear in the first three Google Maps results by optimizing your local SEO

Local SEO

Google Maps and Google My Business

A good local SEO strategy is essential for any company offering products or services in a specific geographical area. As soon as an Internet user searches for a nearby business, product or service, Google displays the first three Google Maps results on all devices before the natural results.

For a local business, this visibility is worth its weight in gold, since the majority of potential customers will click on one of these first three results without going any further in their search. So it's vital that you appear in the top positions on Google Maps. Our local SEO specialists can help you achieve this.

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Your local SEO strategy starts with the creation and optimization of your Google My Business listing, which will be your company's showcase on Google. Your future customers will quickly get all the information they need about your business when you appear in local searches: description, address, phone number, opening hours, website link, customer reviews, etc.

Our local SEO specialists will propose a game plan tailored to your business to set you apart from the competition: optimizing your website with a local context, acquiring external links from local sources, listing in local directories, getting positive reviews from your customers, etc. The combination of Google My Business and good local SEO will give you more qualified traffic and a better chance of attracting new customers - all for free!

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Content marketing

To grab and hold the attention of your future customers and convince them that your company is what they're looking for, offer them relevant, high-quality content.

Social media marketing

To raise your company's profile in your industry, generate quality traffic to your website and forge strong links with your customers.

Geolocation-based AdWords campaign

To appear quickly on a local search related to your activity and reach the first positions displayed in Google search results.


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